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Personal Therapy:

Are you in Physical Pain or suffering from long-term Illness? :

Pain and illness are all too common in todays world. For some people it even becomes a way of life.

Recent research has begun to clarify how our thinking influences our health and well-being. Our central nervous system communicates directly and on a scheduled basis with our immune system and our endocrine system through neurotransmitters and biochemicals. This research shows how our state of mind impacts upon our state of health.

So how can we use our mind-body system to alleviate pain and illness?

Tapping into your Body's Ability to Heal

"EFT offers great healing benefits." Deepak Chopra, MD

"Where did the pain go?", is the common response from most EFT newcomers. 80% achieve pain relief within minutes of properly using EFT and the result is often long lasting. No medication, surgery or other medical interventions involved... and you can do it for yourself.

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