'Unique Change' provides an open, honest and confidential environment for individuals to explore and experience change in their lives. We provide services ranging from Executive Coaching to Trauma Resolution.

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Personal Therapy:

Do you experience unwanted Fears & Phobias? :

If you are one of the many people who experience and suffer from an unwanted fear or phobia, 'Unique Change' may have the right solution for you. We have helped many people release their fears once and for all; we work towards a complete turn around of the issue, not a 'dealing with it' strategy.

Fears and phobias are very common and very powerful if you happen to suffer from them. People generally come to release a fear of spiders or snakes or heights and even tomatoes! These can seem trivial to someone who doesn't experience the fear, however the fear is all too real to the sufferer.

We use a collection of techniques from EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy to aid you in releasing and removing your symptoms.

Many people have a conscious understanding that their fear is 'irrational' and doesn't make any logical sense, however on an emotional level the panic and tension felt within the body, is one that can control a person's life.

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