'Unique Change' offers specialist training and coaching programmes for the development of human potential, within your business.

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Team Development:

What is Coaching?

Coaching is about unleashing a person's potentials and maximising inner resources for their outcomes.

Coaching was originally based on an individuals performance. However, the concept of coaching at 'Unique Change' expands that focus to include developmental and transformational change at many levels, not just someones skills and capabilities.

How do we Coach?

We enable you to re-align and re-direct yourself to your goals and objectives, with your purpose and history in place, your goal/objective correctly scaled to the real world and your motivation to succeed set to maximum!

Using Clean Language, Emergent Knowledge and NLP with your skills, resources and objective. We design a bespoke program to fit your requirements. This is your life and we believe that all the resources you need you already have; We work to untap and unleash them with you.

How do we Coach the Coaches?

Coaching the coach, is an extremely rewarding experience for all parties. New information and new developments emerge at many levels, enabling the coach to be fully focussed on their team and individuals.

Our unique approach, combining all of our methodologies and models (many of them developed by 'Unique Change') are taught in a variety of ways, with one intention: That the coach integrates this knowledge and set of skills so they can use them effectively.

What changes should I expect?

The internal changes you and your team will experience, will automatically re-align what you're all able to know, think, feel and achieve in the real world. No effort is required! It is like a long standing dam has been broken and the river has renewed its course. Goals that were previously un-attainable, or were obsessed over, may seem easily attainable or even irrelevant to the new perspective you'll develop.

We do not need to motivate you, or encourage you or even challenge you. We will move you through the re-arrangement of your own inner world, to allow all of the above to naturally occur.

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