Techniques and Therapies:

Emergent Knowledge (Emergence)

David Grove (see Clean Language) further developed his work, on the basis that each of us is a self-organising system, as per Dr Edward de Bono's description in "The Mechanism of Mind", and through the latest science of 'Emergent Knowledge' and 'Systems Theory'.

We thoroughly recommend you visit 'The Powers of Six' website for more detailed information on Emergence:

Through various exercises and processes a clients model / network is evolved. It is through this evolution, that new knowledge from the system can emerge. A re-organisation of the system takes place, in such a way that is right for the client. Previous obstacles become powerful drivers, limiting beliefs fall away, and the clients purpose is re-aligned. The task of achieving their goal in life, that was previously turbulent and caused their energy to be diverted - is now effortless and acheiveable.

Visit our Emergent Knowledge training pages here, in memory of David Grove who sadly died of a cardiac arrest on 8th January 2008 in Kansas, US.

It could be said that Emergent Knowledge is 'Cleaner that Clean' (Clean Language), the clients model is mapped out with no interference from the facilitator, and only the simplest of questions are asked to allow the client to explore their world. The simplicity of the processes does not in anyway defer from the powerful changes that occur in peoples lives after experiencing them.

Matthew Hudson modelled a set of the Emergent Knowlege processes directly from David Grove before his death. This is now available to experience at Matthew is also currently working on several developmental projects to share with the Clean Community and beyond! One of these collaborations is with Philip Harland, more information can be found at 'The Powers of Six' website.