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What is the 'Self-Alignment' Workshop? :

This is a 2 day experiential workshop where you can develop and enrich a personal / business related 'project'. The workshop was developed directly with David Grove (the creator of Clean Language) in September 2007 and is based on his Emergent Knowledge and Clean Space theories. This is BRAND NEW material and highly effective!

What is a Project?

The derivation of Project is literally Pro (forward / in front) - ject (to throw), i.e. to throw forward. Our workshop is based on the principle of a project being something that you are personally driven to achieve, a goal or outcome that should be in front of you.

Why would I attend?

If you have lost track of where you are on your project, lost momentum, purpose or even just left your project all together. You may be feeling like you'll never achieve what it is you really want to achieve. Sometimes you just need the time and space to re-focus on your goals and objectives. This workshop assists you in re-focussing whilst also identifying the core issues and resolving them.

What are the benefits of this workshop?

What you will experience from this workshop is a re-alignment to yourself, to your project and your purpose. Enabling you to re-gain focus and energy, to connect again with your 'inner' self and your project, so you may 're-project' your project and begin afresh with renewed vigour and zest!

Who, what, where and when?

The course is delivered by Matthew Hudson, an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner.

The 2 day workshop costs £160.00.

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Also visit www.self-alignment.com for the latest information on dates and venue.